Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Is there anyone here?

Oh Hai,

2015, not a bad year, really..maybe this time i'll get a chance to climb on the ladder without much distraction. I know its late and long overdue but better than never right guys?right? well if u must ask what im babbling on right now, i am talking about my progression in life. Funny,  i actually care about myself, hah.

I literally have nothing under my name except debts until come 2014(still got debts), got a no brainer job, got little bit of this and that from the earning, get myself something i enjoy so i can ignore my feeling and thought about what people might think of me having a shitty miserable life, still a caveman4lyfe, still hates everyone. But, 2014 was refreshing a kickstarter,a slow one, i've been sank into my own depression for so long i've been rusty about life, basically i forgot how to human.

I am in my own world, in my room, on my bed, the mattress already had few broken springs, i still lie on it everyday for most hours just doing my own thing, netflix,gaming, surfing, and wanking. It's a Sanctuary,still is and nobody can hurt me in here except the mattress that already caused me serious backpain, suffered from it everyday and still keeping it until i got enough money to buy a new one.

I wanted to type more, but im too lazy right now, let us see if i ever going to visit this blog again and write stuff, i wanted to delete my old post but i figure i'll let you guys read it, it's full of shit and phony writing, back then it was a try hard, well it does sounds true enough for me at that time, but i guess i've changed. not much, just got old and grumpy as ever and i'll slap my own past if i ever saw him for writing those piece of shit. But whatever, i was never good at expressing myself though, let alone writing it down, people just can't take me seriously. Eh, bless in disguise as i don't hold much responsibility in life, my Dad said im an irresponsible person, he's not wrong, but even if i want to, who the fuck would trust me?